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This is all the stuff that i like:)
Feel free to favourite this stuff because i told you too.=p
You may see nudes in my favourites, because i like that sort of stuff;p


Random from YOSHIIIIII

Pinkie pie <3 |Got glitched up; 18/10/2013|


Jack Skellington <3

_________ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
______’$$$$O$____$$____$$___$$ ____o$$$

I love you! <3

I love you!

Rainbows!! <3


Hardcore nostalgia




My first BFF :p


|Colours are sex|


Awesomenauts <3

Awesomenauts is my #1 all-time favourite game! <3 join the :iconawesomenautsfc: if you love Awesomenauts as much as i do! <3
The soundtrack is just sex in my ears. <3
Awesomenauts PC Cover by MindFyre

Now for the character and their themes:

Froggy G

Back Story
Straight out of the marsh pond ghettos of planet Ribbit IV comes the amphibious B.I.G., also known as Nate Frogg, but mostly known as Froggy G. Growing up in the baddest part of town, struggle and incarceration surrounded Froggy from an early age. Taking part in his first swim-by shootout as a tadpole, Froggy seemed destined for a life of crime and prison.
After a bloody gangwar with the neighbouring Toad-unit posse ended in a 5 year jail sentence, Froggy G vowed to end his gangsta ways. Instead, Froggy G started earning his keep as a beatboxing streetdancer and rapper, hoping to be picked up by a major record label. Unfortunately, his tracks titled "Pond Pimpin", "Froggin' dirty" and "Motherfrogger bounce!" didn't earn him much.

In order to make some money, and then make some mo', Froggy G became a hired gun. Combining his shoot-out experiences with lethal watery dance-moves and beatboxing techniques, Froggy G now spins and dashes across intergalactic battlefields, droppin foo's left and right with his fishgun, hoping to make some money to take his momma out of the hood.


"Yo mama is so fat..."
"Ribbit ribbit real good!"
"Don't touch tha 'fro!"
"Bring it! What?!"
"This is my pond! I ain't goin' nowhere."
"I see ya, but I wouldn't wanna be ya."
"Can't touch this."
"Help a frog out!"
"Froggy be bleedin'!"
"Yo man, I'm hurt!"
"I'm croakin' over here!"
"Daddy got a brand new bag."
(A reference to Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, a song by James Brown)
"Froggy G left the Bill!" (Reference to Elvis Presley)
"Yor homies, smell you later." (Reference to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
"Grand master splash in da house"
"At the Frog, at the Frog"
"Can't touch this"
"Make some noise for the Frog"
Killing Spree
"Damn it's good to be a gangsta!"
"This is how I roll!"
"Don't hate the game, hate the player!"
Killing Blow
"Holla holla, dolla dolla!'"
"They see me whirlin', they hatin'."
(A reference to Ridin': a single by American rapper Chamillionaire.)
"Can't touch this." (A reference to U Can't Touch This: a single by American rapper MC Hammer.)
"It wasn't me."
Drop Pod In
"Grand master splash in da house!"

Sheriff Lonestar

Back Story
At the heart of the milky way lies the Bovinion system, ruled by a semi intelligent cow-like species. Although technologically advanced to an acceptable level, these Bovinions have maintained a tribal form of society for several thousands of years. Until recent years, an age-old custom in this society was to scare young Bovinion calves with bogeyman stories about a scary cowboy. Naughty Bovinion calves would, as the story went, be caught by this cowboy's unrelenting lasso.
Recently, a wealthy Bovinion visionary opened up a park where visitors would come to see a genetically re-engineered cowboy in action. But disaster struck and the cowboy escaped his cage. Before the Bovinions could react the cowboy had wrangled the entire park staff. Terror shook the Bovinion civilization as the cowboy started to wrangle every single Bovinion on the planet! Suddenly the Bovinions found themselves out of their cities and wrangled into herds on green meadows by the whisky drinking, bucket spitting, yeeehaawing horror.

Once the entire Bovinion civilization had been wrangled, the cowboy, naming himself Sheriff Lonestar, rode a rocket ship into the sunset, his job complete. Now Sheriff Lonestar fights as a mercenary in the robot wars, combining his awesome cowboy-powers with high tech weaponry to earn some solar to spend on whisky and cigars.


"Come 'ere and say that again!"
"Yellow belly!"
"Be quick or be dead!"
"You're a goner!"
"You best skedaddle!"
"The jig is up!"
"Get off my porch!"
"I'm all dragged out!"
"I'm getting banged up over here!"
"Pony on up over here!"
"I'm almost a goner!"
"Spending some Dinero!"
"More swag!"
"Riding into the sunset!"
"Heading back to the Ranch!"
"Leave some for when I get back!!"
"Time to kick butt and chew Tobacco!"
"There's a new Sheriff in town!"
"Saddle up!"
Killing Blow
"I just did the universe a favour!"
"Dying ain't much of a living, boy!"
"You don't look so good, partner!"
Killing Spree
"I'm taking you all out!"
"Wildest gun in the galaxy!"
On Death
"Son of a ... Ahhhhh!"
"What the? Ahhhh!"

Leon Chameleon

Back Story
Leon's life is a life of crime, women, and borrowing without returning. He lost his arm in a unfortunate jeu de boules incident and spends most of his time smoothly escaping debt collectors. He found himself breaking into the bedroom of the prime minister's wife, while looking for the wine cellar.
He knew no amount of charm could save him this time and planned his escape, which was eventually delayed because he refused to escape in anything but a space yacht.

Leon joined the Awesomenauts for some quick cash, spending it on beautiful women and exquisite meals. In combat, he puts his natural reptile abilities to some good use and slices up his enemies with great precision. Combat is a form of art for this green gentleman.


"You smelly imbecile!"
"Fouda HAHA!"
"I blow my nose in your direction!"
(-A reference to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
"En garde!"
"Your mother was a hamster!"
(-A reference to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
"Feel the sharpness of this blade!"
"Sacrebleu, some help!"
"Zut! I need help!"
"Ohoho! Magnifique!"
"I shall return, mon ami."
"The teleporter, she beckons!"
"HAHA, it's moi, Leon Chameleon!"
"En garde!"
"Feel the sharpness of this blade!"
"Viva, la Chameleon!"
Killing Blow
"Voila, c'est ça!."
"Ohn ohn, I never miss!"
"All is fair in love and war!"
Killing Spree
"All for one, more for me!"
"I'm on a roll now!"
Drop Pod In
"I am not only a lover, but also a fighter."
"Accent? What do you mean, accent?"
"HAHA! It's moi, Leon Chameleon!"
On Death
"Oh là là!"
On Death
"Oh là là!"
"Oh no!"


Back Story
Clunk is a robot suffering from anger management issues. He's saving up money to pay for therapy but keeps losing it due to damage compensations. Originally created as part of a robot army to combat an immensely powerful super villain terrorizing the outer star systems, Clunk found himself without a job when the villain accidentally died of a nasty bacterial infection before the robot army was completed.
This was actually a blessing in disguise for Clunk, since he was never designed to return in one piece from his mission. He was refitted to do standard house-keeping work, but soon found himself out of work once more as he kept blowing aggression inhibitors and subsequently went into immensely destructive tantrums.

Eventually, Clunk signed up as a mercenary to do what he is best at: wrecking things. He found that finally giving in to his aggressive nature has given him great inner peace. Nowadays he takes great pleasure in jetting around the battlefield, blowing up in peoples' faces to the sound of heavy metal.


"You cant kill the Metal!" - 'Reference to the Tenacious D. song The Metal.'
"The metal will live on!" - see above
"Clunk smash!" - Reference to Marvel Comics character The Incredible Hulk.
"Target acquired, engaging!"
"Bite Clunk's shiny metal!
(Possible reference to a Futurama character Bender)
"Computer says: No!"
"Exclaiming derogatory statement."
"Warning, warning!"
"Clunk needs help!"
"Require assistance!"
"Damage exceeding tolerance!"
"New hardware detected!"
"Part assimilation complete!"
"Recall beacon activated!"
"Returning to base!"
"Activating teleporter!"
"Clunk, all wound up and ready to go!"
"Amplifying rage protocols"
"Clunk smash!"
"Batteries included!"
Drop Pod In
"Aggression inhibitor malfunctioning."
"Clunk, all wound up and ready to go!"
"Batteries included!"
"Amplifying rage protocols!"
Killing Blow
"Strike you down with a vicious blow!"
"You have been terminated!" possible reference to the movie Terminator 3
"Target Eliminated!"
Killing Spree
"Clunk squashes opponents!"
"Initiating smugness routine in three, two, one..."
"Detecting much win in this sector!"
On Death
"Oh no!"
"Clunk terminated!"

Voltar the Omniscient

Voltar's past is shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it he once was a researcher at a star-encapsulating power station. The station made intergalactic headlines when it exploded around 500 years ago, sending off ail kinds of strange, unseen radiation into space. In this explosion, the Al core of the Zero's was destroyed, bringing an abrupt end to the First Al War. Although peace was maintained for some centuries, the war eventually returned. Some think that war was just too profitable, and suspect that weapon manufacturers had a hand in the construction of a new Al core for the Zero's.
The explosion at the power station destroyed almost every part of Voltar's body, leaving only his brilliant brain intact. This brain was carefully placed inside a Braintank by salvagers. Through the years, and with help of his loyal robot drones, he made some nifty modifications to his braintank that enabled him to participate in the newly erupted Robot Wars.

No-one knows Voltar's true motives for participating in the war as a mercenary, but what can be assured is that he’s a mastermind with unmatched psychotechnic powers and an arsenal of armed robots that do his every bidding.


"If it bleeds, we can kill it!" (Reference to the movie Predator)
"Your existence was irrelative!"
"Hah! I build droids smarter than you!"
"Death.. to squishy things!"
"Resistance is futile!"
"You are no match...for my intellect."
"Tactical advantage is mine!"
"Mein leben!"
"I require more and more"
"I require reinforcements!"
"Insert slot A to slot B, ah sehr interessant!"
"I shall remake myself, I have the technology!"
(A reference to The Six Million Dollar Man)
"I'll be back!"
Reference to Terminator
"Don't do anything stupid without me!"
"I require more technology!"
"My brain, wonders/wanders."
"I am the brain of the operation."
"Techno-synaptic wave modulator at optimum frequence."
"Resistance is futile!"
Killing Blow
"I kill you... with my brain!"
"Look! No hands!"
"Mind over matter!"
"All according to plan."
Killing Spree
"My brain outnumbers you all!"
Taking Damage
Drop Pod In
"Owner of a lonely brain..."
(a reference to Yes's Owner of a Lonely Heart)
"I am the brain of the operation."
"Techno-synaptic wave modulator at optimum frequence."
"Gentlemen! Let us commence assault!"
On Death


Back Story
Skroggle infestations have been reported on over a dozen planets. The highly adaptable Skroggle physiology allows them to thrive in almost any atmosphere. Skroggles are omnivorous and their bizarre metabolism enables them to vomit plant-like creatures that excrete volatile acidic spores.
Gnaw was taken from his home-planet as a Skroggle specimen by Kremzonian scientists. But Gnaw was not a beast that could be caged: his acid-breath melted his holding pen and Gnaw started to rampage through the science facility where he was held. No-one knows exactly what happened, but the facility was found 12 days later, abandoned, and overgrown with some weird, toxic flora.

Gnaw was eventually noticed by a passing band of Amphibian cosmic bikerpirates. Gnaw was in need of some friends, and he was taken in by them, nurtured and trained to fight in black-market exotic-alien arena fights. Occasionally his masters sell Gnaw's "services" to any war general that is desperate enough to set loose the rapid, chitinous menace upon the battlefield.


"I poop on you!"
"Gnaw eat you!"
"Gnaw no like you!"
"I spit on you!"
"Gnaw in troubles!"
"Help, help!"
"Ow, ow! Hurting!"
"I have pains!"
"Gnaw get gizmos! Mua-ha."
"Gnaw get gizmos! Yum, yum!"
"Lets go!"
"Dinner time!"
"Maw, yummy time!"
"Gnaw, ready for battle!"
"Yum, yum!"
"Gnaw be back, HAHA!"
"Gnaw belly full, need to poop!"
"Blargh, Gnaw eat too much."
Killing Blow
"I eated you, noob."
"Yum yum!"
Killing Spree
"1, 2, 3, killing spree, ha ha!"
"Gnaw is on a roll!"
"Gnaw get has killing spree!"
"Defend, defend!"
Drop Pod In
"Let's go!"
"Gnaw, ready for battle!"
"Dinner time!"
"Maw, yummy time!"

Coco Nebulon

Back Story
Hailing from a psyonic race near the outer brim of the galaxy, comes Coco Nebulon, the cosmic waveblazer. Coco rides her combat waveboard into battle, using her psyonic powers to subdue her adversaries. Why Coco fights in the war is a bit unclear, as no-one can really understand her when she talks.
Excerpt from her spacelog: "It's just like, dude, I was cruisin' the galaxy, you know, in this totally tubular, space-van, searching for the best cosmic waves man. And, you know, like, when I was, like, you know, like acing these waves once, there was like this giant robot corporation that wanted to make like these waves like into a giant galactic like battlefield you know? And I was all like, oh man, that's so un-gnarly dude. But those robots were all like 10100111001 or whatever. So I was all like, yeah but ok, you know? And then these robots were all like, ohh we have to fight each other. And they were like shooting lasers at eachother man. And I was like, man, I gotta fight, you know, like totally with these robots against the other robots because it's like, you know, whatever."


"You guys are totally going down!"
"I'm taking all you posers out!"
"Get ready for some gnarly moves!"
"Shut-up, no way!"
'Yeah right, as if!"
"You can't be like serious!"
"Get ready for some bodacious action!"
"Okay, I like, totally need a hand here!"
"Help me out dude!"
"Oh my GOD!"
"Umm, so help or something!"
"Like, all these really shiny things!"
"Shopping spree!"
"WOW! So much stuff!"
"Catch you guys later!"
"Gonna be out for a sec!"
"Hang tight, be right back!"
"Get ready for some gnarly moves!"
"Get ready for some bodacious action!"
Drop Pod In
"Cowabunga, losers!"
"I'm stoked. Totally..."
"Time for some bodacious action!"
Killing Blow
"Eat it lame-o!"
"Total Wipeout!"
"That was AWESOME!"
Killing Spree
"I'm smoking!"
On Death
"Ahhh! I'm, like, dead, man!"


Back Story
Skølldir the Terrible Space Viking has raided over a hundred spaceports, cargo ships and grocery stores. His legendary thirst for battle is unquenchable. Great raids are usually followed by great feasts and soon his nickname was altered to Skolldir The Terribly Overweight Space Viking. Nothing could scorn Skølldir more than this honorless title!
Skølldir has set out on his space barge to impress the universe with his lightning fast fighting skills to prove this moniker wrong and show his nimbleness. Anyone who would dare to call him fat is met with a rapid series of crushing punches and is thrown aside. All the while, Skølldir's metallic suit is telling him how many calories he is burning.

If you find yourself on the battlefield, and hear the sound of crushing bones and thunderous farts in the distance, flee as Skølldir's fury is upon you!


"Stop crying like a baby!"
"Someone's got a deathwish!"
"??? Come and get'em!"
"Back to base!"
"There's too many of them!"
"Let's get those buggers!"
"I need help!"
"I'm saying this, because I'm low on health!"
"Help me! I need a snack!"
"Daddy needs a treat!"
"What a ripoff!"
"Bye bye!"
"Screw you guys, I'm going home!"
(Reference to Eric Cartman from South Park)
"Cya later Awesomenauts!"
"I'll sit tight... Ohh..."
"Off for a drink... Ohh..."
"See you later shitlords!"
(Reference to a quote from his voice actor, Simon Lane of the Yogscast.)
"Daddy needs a treat!"
"No belly, no battle!"
"No guts, no glory!"
"It's an all-you-can-eat buffet of my fists!"
"Belly's gonna get ya!"
(Reference to a Reebok TV advertisement)
3rd Bash Combo
"Eat me knuckle sandwich!"
"Fists of Fury!"
"Taste my fists!"
"Chug on that!"
"Bombs Away!"
"Shakey shakey!"
"Y'all can taste me ???"
Mighty Throw
"Be freeee!"
"Off with ya!"
"Fly awaaay!"
"Excuse me"
Drop Pod In
"Game over!"
"No guts, no glory!"
"I can't believe they charged me for two seats!"
"Free, at last!"
Taking Damage
"I'll kill ya for that!"
"Bloody hell that hurt!"
Killing Blow
"I own you!"
"See ya later shitlords!"
(Reference to a quote from his voice actor, Simon Lane of the Yogscast)
"Excuse me"
Killing Spree
"It's an all-you-can-eat buffet of my fists!"
"Fists of Fury!"
On Death
"I pissed myself..."


Back Story
Once part of the soviet space program, Yuri was a monkey, experimentally shot into space during the 1960's cold war spacerace. Mysteriously, monitoring soviet scientists suddenly lost track of monkey Yuri's spacecraft.
Puzzled by its sudden disappearence, Soviet space-command wondered what had become of their beloved test-pet Yuri. Little did they know that Yuri's spacecraft had entered a warpfield anomaly and was transported hundreds of years into the future!

Also, the warpfields radiation boosted Yuri's mind to superintelligent levels. The new, more intelligent, mad and slightly sadistic Yuri quickly grasped the situation and modified his broken rocket into an equally mad timetravelling supercomputer jetpack.

With the jetpack translating everything Yuri says and does, enemies are never quite sure who is in control, the mad scientist monkey, or the computer it created?


Yuri: "Hoehoeha" Computer: "I will peel you like Banana!"'
Yuri: "Hoehoehoe," Computer: "Make like Banana and split," Yuri: "Ah!" Computer: "in two!"'
Yuri: "Hoehoehah!" Computer: "I fling poo at you!"'
Yuri: "Hohoha!" Computer: "I expect you to die!"
(Reference to the James Bond movie Goldfinger(1964)')
Yuri: "Hohoeha!" Computer:" You will feel the wrath of monkey!"
Killing Blow
Yuri: "Hihihaha!" Computer: "Mhuahaha!"'
Yuri: "Hoehoehoehoehaha!" Computer: "From Monkey with love!"
(This is another nod to the James Bond movies, this time referring to the movie From Russia with Love (1963))
Yuri: "Monkey noises!" Computer: "Fall back to superior firepower!!"
Yuri: "Hoehoeha" Computer: "S.O.S: Save Our Sapien!"'
Yuri: "Hoehoeha" Computer: "Need assistance!"
Yuri: "Hoehoeha" Computer: "Help the monkey!"
Yuri: "Hooe" Computer: "New toys for Yuri"'
Yuri: "Hooee!" Computer: "Shiny technology!"'
Yuri: "Hoehoehoe" Computer: "I will be back!"'
Yuri: "Hoehoehoe" Computer: "Yuri requires upgrades"'
Yuri: "Hoehoehoehoe" Computer: "I will return presently!"'
Yuri: "Hoehoeha!" Computer: "Launch sequence initiated!"'
Yuri: "Hahoehoe!" Computer: "For the Motherland!"'
Yuri: "Hoehoehaa!" Computer: "Set laser to extra crispy!"'
Drop Pod In
Yuri: "Hoehoeha" Computer: "Yuri was promised banana!"
Yuri: "Hoehoehoe" Computer: "Set laser to extra crispy!"
Yuri: "Hoehoeha!" Computer: "Launch sequence initiated!"
Killing Spree
Yuri: "Hoeaahaa"' Computer: '"I'm just getting started!"
Yuri: "Mrrrahahaaha!"
Yuri "Mrahahoe!" Computer: "Onwards, comrades!"


Back Story
Raelynn loves big guns. After highschool she went straight into the E.L.F. army to fight against the invading robots, just before the first AI war.
She was trained by the best and excelled in long range weaponry. Within a year she was given the honor of joining an elite squad called the SkyHawks, where she met the love of her life: her Pulserifle "Cuddles".

For years they did covert missions together as a team to disrupt robot production and steal robot technologies. They were feared by all robots (well...the ones with emo-chips).

Until that one deep space mission to AI station 404 in the year 3009, where she ran into a robot ambush, and "Cuddles" was brutally taken away from her. Raelynn was put into cryostasis. Decades passed until a small mercenary team found her hidden on the planet. There she was rejoined with "Cuddles" and many warm 'hugs' were given that day to all robots on 404.


"I got a bullet with your name on it!"
"Imma chargin' mah lazah!"
(reference to "Shoop Da Whoop")
"Lets make this fun. Run as fast as you can!"
"I see you!"
"I'll scrape you off my boots!"
"You're not even worth my time."
"You boys aren't ready for this."
"Cuddles is so cute. Awww..."
"I'll light you like a firecracker!"
"Where's the air support?!"
" for help?"
"I got a coupon for that."
"Look at all these shiny toys!"
"Supply drop!"
"Hmm, I'm glad bullets are free..."
"The eagle has left the nest!"
"Requesting evac!"
"Oh no, broken nail! Be right back!"
"Cuddles need a small nap."
"Do you feel lucky, punk?"
(Reference to Dirty Harry)
"Reporting for duty!"
"Lock and load, baby!"
"Imma chargin' mah lazah!"
"I see you!"
"Strike at these coordinates!"
"Fire at will!"
"Light 'em up boys!"
"Enemy at the gates!"
"The LZ is hot!"
Killing Spree
"It's lonely at the top."
"Boom! Headshot."
"One shot, one kill.
Killing Blow
"Another one bites the dust!"
"Boom! Head shot!"
"Thanks for standing still, idiot."
(Reference to Sniper from Team Fortress series)
"Shot through the heart, I'm to blame.
" (Reference to the lyrics of Bon Jovi's "You give love a bad name" which goes, "Shot through the heart and you're to blame.")
"Pew, pew, pew!"
"Told you she bites...'"
"An eye for an eye"
Being Hit
"Son of a..."
Using Snipe
"Three, Two, One!"
"Who wants a cuddle?"
"Say hello to my little friend!"
(Reference to Scarface)
"It's set to stun! Honest!"
(Reference to a stormtrooper right before capturing princess Leia in Star Wars - A New hope)
Using Timerift
"Timerift: deployed!"
Drop Pod In
"What do I feel when I shoot an enemy? Recoil..."
"Somebody get me a sitrep!"
"I'm a professional."
"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but I call it Cuddles."
(Reference to Rifleman's Creed)
"35 solar a hit, no questions asked."
On Death
"Dying young..."
"It's a good day to die..."
"Live forever..."

Derpl Zork

Back Story
Riding his combat walker onto the battlefield, comes Derpl Zork. The nephew of Blabl Zork, president of Zork industries. Derpl Zork lacks his uncle's business-smarts. In fact he lacks any kind of smarts, managing to get his IQ rated under the level of plankton in the official galaxial IQ test.
Nevertheless Derpl is the heir apparent to Blabl's galaxy-spanning business empire. This is something that doesn't sit well with Blabl, not well at all. Dreading the day Derpl would inherit the company and run all the hardfought accomplishments into the ground, Blabl put Derpl in charge of fieldtesting the new Specialized Universal Secretary Interface (S.U.S.I. for short) in one of Zork Industries' combat walkers. Asking Derpl what form of devastation should be issued forth from his vehicle of destruction he simply drooled and said: "I wuv cats!"

Now Blabl is anxiously awaiting the day that Derpl would suffer a fatal blow on the fields of battle but as of yet Derpl's combat walker has proven to keep making up for its dimwitted driver.

Derpl seems to be unable to speak. The following quotes are said by the Specialized Universal Secretary Interface (S.U.S.I.) which he rides into battle.
"License to kill approved by management."
"Clear out your desk."
"Mr. Zork is impressed with your determination."
"Mr. Zork! That is highly inappropriate!"
"Mr. Zork is invested in your termination!"
"Mr. Zork expresses his displeasure with your performance!"
"Clearing schedule for random acts of violence!"
"Mr. Zork requests your presence."
"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!"
"Mr. Zork requires medical attention!"
"Mr. Zork requires "Shiny Objects.""
"Mr. Zork would like to place an order."
"Mr. Zork isn't in right now, please leave a message!"
"Mr. Zork has an urgent appointment!"
"Mr. Zork has some pressing matters to attend to!"
"License to kill approved by management."
"Today's agenda: aggressive negotiations!"
"Blegh" "Good morning, Mr. Zork."
"Clearing schedule for random acts of violence."
"Specialized Universal Secretary Interface Online."
Killing Blow
"You are the weakest link, goodbye."
"You're a boss, Mr. Zork!"
"You're fired!"
Killing Spree
"This reminds me of last year's Christmas Party."
"I'll get on the paperwork..."
"The cleaners will take care of that."
Drop Pod In
"Blegh" "Good morning, Mr. Zork."
"'Specialized Universal Secretary Interface online."
"Today's agenda: aggressive negotiations!"
On Death
"System terminated."
"Going offline."

Vinnie & Spike

Vinnie and Spike are notorious partners in crime and BFF's. Spike is the muscle of the team and a bit of a silent guy, he loves late night krab burgers.

Vinnie is quite the hothead, leaving Spike to do the heavy lifting while he plots out the next heist. With a pack full of restraining orders this little plankton devil is not to be messed with. They are wanted on numerous planets including their homeplanet Okeanos where the largest crime syndicate Shisu has put a reward on their head for stealing the Kullinan Koi, the biggest golden Koi ever known to fish and worth 4.8 Billion Solar.

Unfortunately the duo lost the Koi somewhere in the Atlantic ocean while fleeing from Interpool.

Being a pufferfish, Spike can gasp for air and float up, flapping his fins to move around. He is always ready for a fast getaway and can dash out of combat, leaving a smokebomb behind to fool his enemies, while both Vinnie and Spike run with the loot.
Voiced by TotalBiscuit


"Meet my fishy friend!"
"I'm in the robbin banks business, see?"
"I'm the biggest fish in this town! Nyah!"
"It's my way or nothing, nyah!"
"I'm too big for anyone to handle, see?"
"We're heading into town today, see? And it ain't gonna be pretty..."
"Meet my fishy friend!"
"Don't get smart with me, see?"
"Nyah, see? Nyah! That's right, nyah!"
"You crummy flat-footed copper, nyah!"
"I'm gonna take this mutt for a ride, nyah!"
"I'm gonna tear ya to ribbons and mow ya down, see?"
"I'm gonna fit 'em for some new shoes, see? Concrete shoes, nyah!"
"Don't let the coppers get me!"
"Where's my backup?!"
"I need some muscle over here, nyah!"
"Call in the boys!"
"Defend, see?"
"Roll back, nyah!"
"They're onto us!"
"Attack, nyah!"
"Attack, nyeah?"
"Attack, that's right!"
"Who says crime doesn't pay?!"
"I thought I was the robber here!"
"Hand over the loot!"
"They're robbing me blind, see?"
On Death
"They got me..."
"See you in hell, copper! Nyeh, heh..."
"Nyeh, heh, haw..."
"Nyeh, heh, heh..."
Drop Pod In
"Hello gentlemen, nice day for a heist..."
"It's my way or nothing, nyah!"
"We're heading into town today, see? And it 'aint gonna be pretty..."
"I'm in the robbin' banks buisness, see?"
"Ok wise guy, where's all my dough?"
"We're gonna give 'em the slip!"
"Never gonna catch me, coppers, see?"
"Be right back, gonna stash my dough."
Using Smoke Screen
"Take this, copper!"
"How do you like that, boys?"
"Get a load of this, sucker!"
Using Spike Dive
Killing Blow
"No messin' with Vinnie!"
"It's curtains for you pal, heh!"
"That'll teach you to get ideas."
Pow! Right in the kisser, nyah!"
"Couldn't get much more of me, huh?"
"Vinnie's a little too smart for you, nyah!"
"Pay me the loser 'naut fee, nyah!"
Killing Spree
"No messin' with Vinnie!"
"They'll be reading about this on the newsreel."
"Top of the world, see!"
"I'm calling the shots!"
"I'm the biggest fish in this town, nyah!"

Genji the Pollen Prophet

Genji is one of the last of his species: an Entin. The Entin are rapidly reproducing caterpillars with a high libido and no sense of limitation. Any planet the Entin visit, they leave ravaged in their wake. They have been labeled a pest in need of extermination for eating entire continents worth of crops and terrorizing the local populace with late night techno raves. As a result, their kind has been bugsprayed to the brink of extinction.
Trying to better their ways, the remaining Entin have created the Order of Popae Monks on the fungi moon Pulvan. Fasting heavily they devote everything to their beloved deity: The Grand Space Butterfly!

Genji sinned with snacks and dirty literature however, and after repeated solitary cocoonfinements failed to make him better his ways, he was sent out on an emergency soul-cleansing pilgrimage through the galaxy.

Joining the Awesomenauts to cut back on the traveling costs of his journey, Genji has been the scourge of many a ship's pantry and is rumored to be the main reason some of the smaller more edible-looking 'naut recruits have gone missing.


"I see fortune in my future!"
"Space butterfly, grant me your strength!"
"Weheheh, empowering!"
"Wisely spent!"
"We all live in a material world!"
"Pffft... the material is not def- OOOH, shiny trinkets!"
"Sweet nectar!"
"Gahah, I must gather my sweet nectar!"
"I miss my cocoon."
"Back to the hive!"
"Time for meditation"
Cough* *cough* "I need to clear my throat"
Killing Blow
"Your time has come!"
"Pure blood for the butterfly!"
"Back to your cocoon!"
"Now face my wrath!"
"Your soul is mine!"
"That's another for the grand butterfly!"
"Go to sleep!"
Possibly a reference to the Creepypasta, Jeff the Killer. (Viewer discretion is advised)
Killing Spree
"Power! Unlimited power!"
A reference to Palpatine, a character in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Also a popular quote from the Voice Actor, JesseCox
"Ha ha ha, more souls for the master!"
"A butterfly grows within me!"
Using Monarch Blessing
"Bask in the glory!"
"Space Butterfly, grant me your strength!"
Using Cocoon
"Back to your cocoon!"
Drop pod in
"From the cocoon, I awaken!"
"We are all but specs of dust in the dream of the grand butterfly."
"Heheheh; cocoons fall from the sky!"
"Strike with vengeance!"
"Get them minions!"
"Return to the nectar!"
"Protect the nectar!"
"Fly you fools!"
A reference to Gandalf, a character from The Lord of the Rings novel.
"I am in peril!"
"To me!"
"I need protection!"
"You shall not pass!"
A reference to Gandalf, a character from The Lord of the Rings novel.
"I am one with the dream!"
"50 percent silk, 50 percent death"
"I forsee your demise"
"They's will not try, they'll die!
On Death
"Augh, *choke* *choke*"
"I will be reborn..."

And now for the main theme.

Out of all the wonderful characters in this smashing game, i'd pick Yuri, the crazy Russian monkey as my favourite character! <3

In case you're wondering, this widget took around 5-7 hours. c:


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